Leadership Equality: New instrument for equality

22810121_10155923280847472_1812701836_o--1-Leadership Equality:
New instrument for equality

 FKA and the
Ministry of Welfare have agreed to a one-year co-operation agreement with
a focus on Leadership Equality.

 FKA will lead
the project in cooperation with the government and representatives from the
business sector. The main objectives of the project are to:

  • Coordinate and compile numerical
    information about the role of women and men in boards and executive management
  • Host events and education on the
    importance of diversity in boards and management teams
  • Provide annual recognition for
    companies that have achieved the objectives of Leadership Equality.

The cooperation
agreement is signed for one year and includes five million ISK support for the
project with the possibility of extension. Preparations for the conclusion of
the agreement began early this summer as part of FKA’s five-year action plan
with the involvement of other parties. Membership at FKA is comprised of more
than 1,000 female leaders across all industry sectors.

At the signing of the agreement, Þorsteinn Víglundsson said that with the
Leadership Equality project it will be possible to better understand the
position of gender in leadership positions of the economy and to be encouraged
to improve since the current system is not functioning as well as it should.

Rachel Sveinsdóttir, Chairman of FKA, says that for the
business community and the government it is important to make full use of men
and women’s human resources, and this will contribute to the development of the
equality in management: “In terms of women’s employment we are global
leaders, but have not seen an increase of women in executive management roles
these past years. Therefore, we consider it important to also look into
what gender stereotypes have yielded and what lessons the industry has derived
from them. With the agreement on cooperation, the project has now been
formally launched, but the next step is to establish the Jafnvægisvog
Development Council, where FKA will call upon several other stakeholders from
the business community.”

 Original article can be found here: https://www.stjornarradid.is/efst-a-baugi/frettir/stok-frett/2017/10/24/Kynjavog-Nytt-maelitaeki-a-svidi-jafnrettismala/