About FKA

FKA is the Association of Businesswomen in Iceland

FKA is a non-profit professional network for Icelandic business leaders, founded in April 1999. Its core mission is to support women as they manage and grow their business. 

One of FKA’s committees is the New Icelanders Committee. To support businesswomen of foreign origin in Iceland. 

FKA’s Objectives

  • To bring businesswomen together, support them and increase their visibility in the business world and society in general.
  • To create a forum for members to exchange ideas and knowledge and share experiences, both national and international.
  • To promote business between FKA women.
  • To promote the development of national and international contacts aimed at reinforcing partnerships and increasing access to new markets.
  • To encourage FKA women to pursue all available avenues of continuing education and be aware of the latest developments that may affect the operation of their business.
  • To make FKA businesswomen a respected source of opinions, comments and guidance.

FKA’s Role:   Networking – Diversity – Visibility

  • Shine the spotlight on successful and exemplary businesses and companies.
  • Promote positives changes in relation to gender equality.
  • Promote business relations.
  • Serve as an observer in Icelandic society.

International Associations

We work with international associations that share our objectives.  The following are a few of our closest collaborators, either directly through FKA or through our members: